East and West and the "Mirror of Nature" Nationalism in West and East Europe - Essentially Different?

JVF Conference Papers

This paper is just an introduction, a starting point, and what I intend to do here is more modest and circumscribed. The purpose of this paper is to offer a few methodological preliminaries to speak about some problems that appear - that have actually appeared - when nationalisms of these areas are compared. The supposition of this article is that no few theories, perspectives or concepts - implicitly or explicitly - essentialize the nationalisms of these two areas. Without a critical analysis, without a previous deconstruction of those essentialist theories and concepts, any comparison between the East and the West is a risk to perpetuate them. To outline the relevance of so-called "Eastern nationalism" and "Western nationalism," of the relationship between them - as far as these concepts or relations induce, produce or perpetuate essentialism - is the aim of my article.

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