IWMpost 126: Democracy in Question


This issue considers "Democracy in Question", looking at the future of democracy with articles from Ruth Wodak, Wolfgang Merkel, and Till van Rahden. Our Rector, Shalini Randeria and Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder write on healthcare and politics. Protest movements in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine are considered as well as a focus on migration and border politics, including articles by IWM Permanent Fellow Ayşe Cağlar and Amade M’charek


Healthcare and Politics

  • Corona-Impfstoff: Geopolitisches Instrument oder öffentliches Gut? / von Shalini Randeria
  • Wenn Politik und Gesundheitswesen versagen / von Timothy Snyder

The Future of Democracy

  • Democracy in Question / New Podcast Series hosted by Shalini Randeria
  • „Retro-normale Zukunft“? Die schrittweise Aushöhlung pluralistischer Demokratien / von Ruth Wodak
  • Who Governs in Deep Crises? / by Wolfgang Merkel
  • Demokratie als Lebensform. Ein deutsches Missverständnis / von Till van Rahden
  • Anker in unruhigen Zeiten: 100 Jahre Österreichische Verfassung / von Miloš Vec
  • Vor 30 Jahren erschien die erste Ausgabe der Zeitschrift Transit – Europäische Revue / von Klaus Nellen
  • Understanding Illiberal Democracy in Eastern Europe / by Venelin I. Ganev

Protest Movements

  • Is There an End in Sight in Bulgaria? / by Dimitar Bechev
  • Putin’s Aging Regime Gets Heavy-Handed / by Maria Lipman
  • The Festival Age: Origins of a Phenomenon / by Yuri Andrukhovych
  • Chronicle from Belarus / by Marci Shore
  • “We Want to Live and Not Be Afraid to Speak” / Interview with Yana Chernova by Lidiia Akryshora

Migration and Border Politics

  • Salty: Traces of Migration, Death, and the Art of Paying Attention / by Amade M’charek
  • Refugees, Migrants, and Rethinking Power amid Covid-19 Pandemic / by Ayşe Cağlar
  • “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”: The Moria Fire / by Müge Dalkıran-Alexandridis
  • Afghans, Asylum and the 2015 Legacy / by Lucy Ashton

Inside Academia

  • Solidarity in Academia / by Alicja Rybkowska
  • Scholarship and Freedom / by Geoffrey Harpham


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