IWMpost 125: Is it Tomorrow Yet?


In this issue Ivan Krastev considers how we can learn to live with the unthinkable. Ranabir Samaddar and Jiří Přibáň address the coronavirus pandemic. Eva Illouz writes on Social Demoracy and Capitalism and Laura Engelstein delves into the recurrent issue of Antismeitism.


Lessons from the Coronavirus

  • Is It Tomorrow, Yet? Learning to Live with the Unthinkable / by Ivan Krastev
  • Lessons from an Unfolding Emergency / by Jiří Přibáň
  • In the Wake of the Pandemic: The Ethics and Politics of Care / by Ranabir Samaddar
  • Social Solidarity / by Steven Lukes

Democracy and Inequality

  • Social Democracy and Capitalism / by Eva Illouz
  • Gandhi heute / Ilija Trojanow im Gespräch mit Shalini Randeria
  • A Sunburnt Country: Australia 2020 / by John Keane
  • Old Axes of Inequality and New Concerns / by Cornelia Klinger
  • The Revolt of the Elites / by Arjun Appadurai
  • Beyond Organized Crime. Violence and Drugs in Mexico / by Adèle Blazquez

Europe’s Futures

  • The Meaning of Tusk and the Myth of Europe’s Collapse / by Hugo Brady
  • Stopping Medical Brain Drain from the Balkans / by Alida Vračić
  • Political Earthquake in the Shadow of Coronavirus / by Grigorij Mesežnikov

Religious Philosophy

  • The Relevance of Russian Religious Philosophy Today / by Clemena Antonova and Jan Sowa

Confronting Memories

  • Antisemitism Resisted and Denied / by Laura Engelstein
  • Humanity and Catastrophe / A Conversation between Serhii Plokhii and Philippe Sands
  • 75 Jahre Kriegsende: Umkämpfte Erinnerung / von Vlasta Korda

Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization

  • Deus Malignus: The Digital Rehabilitation of Deception / by Walther Christoph Zimmerli
  • Neuerscheinungen in der Publikationsreihe von IWM und Passagen Verlag / von Timothy Snyder und Robert Skidelsky

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