IWMpost 123: Democracy's Descent


Ilija Trojanow interrogates utopian visions of the future, Ayşe Çağlar envisions a global order of migration and we think about the future of democracy and the legacies of the cold war.


Visions Of the Future

  • Alle Wege führen durch Utopia / von Ilija Trojanow

Global Migration Politics

The Future of Democracy

  • Why Liberal Elites can be Dangerous to Democracy / Interview with Pavel Barša by Ludger Hagedorn
  • Vorhang auf oder Schotten dicht? Was bleibt von 1989? / Debates at the Burgtheater
  • Smoke and Mirrors: On new-Fascist Urban Tactics / by Luiza Bialasiewicz and Sabrina Stallone
  • Wenn Demokratien demokratisch untergehen / Beiträge von Chantal Mouffe, Nadia Urbinati und Boaventura De Sousa Santos

Legacies of the Cold War

  • Unlock the 007 in You: James Bond in Prague / by Muriel Blaive

Global Politics and Security

  • Cyber Bobbies on the Beat: Policing in the Digital Age / by Misha Glenny
  • Geopolitical Talks: New Series of Public Debates
  • Why Did Syrians Rebel? / by Adam Baczko, Gilles Dorronsoro and Arthur Quesnay
  • The New Bacterial Warfare / Interview with Vinh-Kim Nguyen by Julia Sica

Europe’s Futures

  • We wargamed the last days of Brexit. Here’s what we found out / by Luke Cooper

Scales of Justice

  • Translating the Rule of Law in Bangladesh / von Tobias Berger

IWM Lectures in Human Sciences

  • „Mach mich rein!“ Aber wovon? / von Valentin Groebner


Spirit of Solidarity

  • Theatres: Romantic Fortresses or Models for Civic Society? / by Zofia Smolarska

Krzysztof Michalski and IWM Archives

Arts and Politics

  • What’s Russian about the Russian Avant-garde? / by Clemena Antonova
  • Faust Zyklus 2018: Ausstellung von Maxim Kantor / von Julia M. Nauhaus

Religion and Politics

  • The Dilemma of Ukrainian Orthodoxy / by Katherine Younger

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