IWMpost 122: Der Weg in die Unfreiheit


Timothy Snyder, John Palattella and others celebrate the Vienna Humanities Festival, we look at the empowerment of women and bring the latest insights from our Europe's Futures and Democracy in Question programs.


Vienna Humanities Festival 2018

  • Der Weg in die Unfreiheit / von Timothy Snyder
  • Macht und Ohnmacht / Vienna Humanities Festival
  • Signal or Noise? Power and Powerlessness in the Media / by John Palattella

Women’s Empowerment

  • Sexuelle Belästigung: Das letzte Tabu? / von Ulrike Lunacek und Elisabeth Holzleithner
  • „Geht’s den Frauen gut, geht’s uns allen gut!“ / von Ruth Wodak

Europe’s Futures

  • Visions of Europe
  • The EU is a Union of Regulation / by Anthony Barnett

Democracy in Question

Politische Salons

Conflicting Realities

  • Demographic Bulimia / by Shalini Randeria
  • Landlords versus Commoners: Housing Conflicts and Political Divides / by Tobias Bernet

Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture 2018

  • Will the Population become Redundant? / by Robert Skidelsky

Scales of Justice

Politics of Commemoration

  • The Momentous ‘Eight’ in Czecho-Slovak History / by Jacques Rupnik

Religion in Russia

  • The Revival of the Orthodox Church in Russia: Triumph or Crisis? / by Sergey Chapnin

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