IWMpost 118: A Majority of ‘Deplorables’?



From the Fellows

  • The Shipwrecked Mind / by Mark Lilla
  • A Majority of ‘Deplorables’? / by Jan-Werner Müller
  • China is Ready to Build Putin’s Firewall / by Irina Borogan and Andrei Soldatov

International Law and Multinormativity

  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand / by Miloš Vec

Women’s Day 2016

  • A Backlash Against Women’s Rights? / Interviews by Agnieszka Wądołowska with Shalini Randeria, Mieke Verloo, Elisabeth Holzleithner, María do Mar Castro Varela and Katha Pollitt

Political Salons

Events in Retrospect

Humanities Festival

  • Resumé / by Isabel Frey
  • Flows of Globalization / Report by Isabel Frey
  • Madder Than You Think / by Holly Case


Ukraine in European Dialogue

  • A Dictionary of Military Terminology / by Serhiy Zhadan
  • IWM’s Ukraine Program—An Interim Report
  • The School of Kyiv Biennial and the Politics of Excess / by Kateryna Mishchenko

Fellows and Guests


  • Weltraumphilosoph und stiller Publizist / von Walter Famler zur Emeritierung von Klaus Nellen

Religion and Secularism

  • Redefining The ‘We’ / Interview with Charles Taylor by Thomas Seifert
  • Geburtstagsbrief an einen alten Freund und Kollegen / von Jürgen Habermas


  • Books, Articles and Talks

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