IWMpost 113: The Destruction of Scholarly Knowledge?



Challenges to Democracy

  • The Global Politics of Protest / by Ivan Krastev
  • “Vienna Has Fallen!” / by Carl Henrik Fredriksson
  • Free and Unfair: The Hungarian Elections / by András Bozóki

The Destruction of Scholarly Knowledge

  • Threats to Scholarly Knowledge / Report by Agata Lisiak
  • Knowledge Technologies: Threat = Promise? / by Wendy Hui Kyong Chun
  • Knowledge Institutions under Pressure / by Stefan Collini

IWM Lectures in Human Sciences

  • We the People: On Populism and Democracy / Lecture by Jan-Werner Mueller / Report by Matthew Specter

Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture

Events in Retrospect

Ursachen von Ungleichheit

In Memoriam Szilárd Borbély

  • Szilárd Borbély 1963–2014 / by János Mátyás Kovács
  • Lob der Quitte: Ein Ungarnbild / von Szilárd Borbély
  • Die Mittellosen: Ist der Messias schon weg? / von Szilárd Borbély

Fellows and Guests

Religion and Secularism

  • European Islam: Lessons from the Balkans / by Ina Merdjanova

Books, Articles and Talks

Central Eastern Europe in Transition

  • The Liberalism of Small Nations / by Jarosław Kuisz


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