IWMpost 110: Will Putin’s Russia Survive till 2014?



Russia in Global Dialogue

  • Under Cover: Russia’s New Foreign Policy—by Fyodor Lukyanov
  • Will Putin’s Russia Survive till 2014?—by Nikolay Petrov

Books in Perspective

  • Colonizing Oneself: Imperial Puzzles for the 21st Century—by Alexander Etkind

International Debates

  • The Tragedy of the European Union—by George Soros
  • Comments on “The Tragedy of the European Union”


  • Modes of Secularism and Religious Responses IV—by Agnieszka Pasieka
  • Charles Taylor: Beyond Toleration—by Agnieszka Pasieka


  • Säkular oder Postsäkular? – von Martin Endreß

From the Fellows

  • Organized Crime: A Flawed American Concept—by Stefan Popov
  • “Quiet Invaders” Revisited—by Günter Bischof

Fellows and Guests

Lectures and Discussions

New Calls for Applications

Books, Articles and Talks

Guest Contribution

  • The New American Class Divide—by Mark Lilla