IWMpost 108: Rethinking Equality in an Age of Inequalities




  • Sorge – Arbeit am guten Leben–von Cornelia Klinger

Jan Patočka Memorial Lecture

  • Rethinking Equality in an Age of Inequalities—by Pierre Rosanvallon

Conference on Borders

  • Bordering Communist and Post-Communist Europe—by Jessie Labov
  • Communism as Golden Age?—by Kristen R. Ghodsee

Conference on Eastern European Capitalism

  • On Transformation and Normality—by Phil Hanson
  • Anything New?—by János Mátyás Kovács

Lectures and Discussions

Books in Perspective

  • Inside the Bloodlands—a discussion between Timothy Snyder and Sybille Steinbacher

Special: Europe in Crisis

  • Europe and the Threat to Open Society—by Ivan Krastev
  • Ein anderes Europa–Interview mit Klaus Gretschmann

From the Fellows

  • Sad Truths About Serbian Media—by Ivan Angelovski
  • The Sense of an Ending: Putin and the End of “No-Choice” Politics—by Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes

Fellows and Guests

Varia, Publications, Articles and Talks

Guest Contribution

  • The Human Rights Movement as a Political Force—by Aryeh Neier

In Memoriam: Ralf Dahrendorf

  • Making Freedom Possible—by Krzysztof Michalski