IWMpost 103: Fortress Europe?



Debates at the Burgtheater

  • Europe’s Obama
  • United in Diversity?

Lectures and Discussions

  • Democracy, Crisis Management, Poland and Germany—Monthly Lectures
  • Austrians, Czechs and the Iron Curtain—Book Presentation
  • Feminist Critical Theory Revisited—Workshop

Tischner Debates in Warsaw

  • Can He or Can’t He?

Essays on Democracy

  • No Satisfaction Machines—by Ivan Krastev
  • After Orange Ukraine—by Mykola Riabchuk
  • The Female Face of Revolution—by Haideh Daragahi

From the Fellows

  • Myths of Neutrality—by Arne Ruth
  • Mao’s Starving China—by Ewa Rzanna

Fellows and Guests, Varia


Guest Contributions

  • Obama’s Post American World—by Robert Kagan
  • Ghosts—by Timothy Snyder