IWMpost 102: The Crisis of the Left



Reason, God, Love, Death – In Memoriam of Leszek Kołakowski

The Crisis of the Left – by Robert Kuttner

Conference on Memory

  • Tomorrow’s Yesterday–by Csilla Kiss
  • Tito Between Legend & Thriller–by Slavenka Drakulic

Debates and Lectures

  • Militant Rhetorics, Soviet Assassinations, Globalized Women, Phenomenology in Europe – Monthly Lectures
  • Climate and Solidarity, Art and Politics – Lecture Series
  • Balkan Perspectives, the Habsburg Empire, Equality Policies, Memory and Identity – Further Events

Tischner Debates in Warsaw

  • Market Mysticism–by Roman Frydman and Michael D. Goldberg

From the Fellows

  • Unwanted by All–by Lisa Bjurwald

Fellows and Guests, Varia


Guest Contributions on Climate Politics

  • Was zu tun ist–von Franz Fischler
  • Revolution in the Making–by Paweł Świeboda