Zkušenost a symbol. Texty z let 1960–1977

Celan Program Translations

This translation aims at providing Czech readers a deeper insight into Voegelin’s philosophy in gene- ral – into his differentiating between symbols and their engendering experiences; between linguistic expressions of truth and truth experienced; and, subsequently, between fideistic adherence to sym- bols and meditative reconstruction of the experi- ences that engendered them; between construction of “second realities” and the search for reality; between existential deformations and existence of truth, i.e. between ideology and philosophy. These “diagnostic tools” can be as helpful today as they were when Voegelin used them to analyze the intellectual climate of his time. This volume will hopefully „bring Voegelin back to Mitteleuropa” that Central-European Voegelin-scholars call for.

Jan Frei (Translator)