Ornament množice

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"The Mass Ornament, published in 1963, is a selection of Kracauer's own early essays on modern society, 24 texts written between 1920 and 1931 in the Weimar Republic. Kracauer's essays deal with the leading themes of modernity, such as loneliness and alienation, mass/popular culture and the experience of urbanity, and the relationship between the group and the individual. In doing so, Kracauer explores cinema and popular films, bestselling books and their readers, biographies, photography, dance, hotel lobbies, shopping arcades, boredom, the translation of the Bible, the philosophy of Georg Simmel, the prose of Franz Kafka and much more." [translated from the Publisher's website, more info there.]

Naglič, Anja [Translator]
Kracauer, Siegfried [Author]