Tischner. Biografia

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(Book published in Polish) “Someone once told me that when Tischner came into the room, it was like a door opened in a man. The door would open, and you wanted to live. Each of us has a desire that someone will come and tell him: “Listen, all your fuss makes sense.” Everyone wants to hear it – whether it be a poet or a guest who has a vegetable shed, a politician who no longer knows what he is voting for, or a desperate mother of a disabled child…” Wojciech Bonowicz It is not only a factual, reliable account of the life and formation of an outstanding philosopher, but above all an exciting biographical reportage whose author reaches the most surprising places, the least expected witnesses in order to understand his character more fully. Tischner’s biography written by Wojciech Bonowicz is a book which is an opportunity to meet a man who brings hope back to the people.

Wojciech Bonowicz (Author)