Episode 2: Shock Therapy

Between Dream and Tragedy: Europe’s story after 1989

The dream seemed over in a flash. After the triumph of 1989 came the disappointment and hardships of the 1990s. In the second episode of the series, Luke Cooper explains how a Western economic experiment in free markets came crushing down in the post-communist world with often disastrous results. Could it have gone differently or was the break with statist economics always likely to push the pendulum back too far in the other direction?

Dr Luke Cooper is an associate researcher and consultant at LSE IDEAS, the foreign policy think tank of the London School of Economics. He was previously a visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), Europe's Futures programme (2018 - 2019). His book, Authoritarian Contagion, will be published by Bristol University Press in June 2021. He is the co-founder of Another Europe Is Possible and co-host of the Another Europe podcast. Between Dream and Tragedy is hosted by the Europe's Futures programme at the IWM and was supported by the ERSTE Foundation and the European Cultural Foundation. For more information on Europe's Futures go to EuropesFutures.EU.

Producer: Caroline Thornham (SPG Media)

Featuring Marci Shore, Alena Ivanova, and Mary Kaldor. Archive sourced for non-commercial educational purposes for critique and review from YouTube and Learning On Screen. Music from Artist platform covered by SPG Media commercial license.