New Visiting Fellows Starting in October


In October, 11 new visiting fellows and guests will join us at the Institute from across our different programs.

You can find out more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. 

Joanna Bernatowicz
Znak Social Publishing Institute
Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators (October – December 2021)
Project: Vasil Bykau: A Long Way to Home (BEL > POL)

Johanna Chovanec
University of Vienna
OEAW Fellowship (October – December 2021)
Project: Occidentalism and the Imagination of Self and Other in Turkish Literature

Andrzej Gniazdowski
Polish Academy of Sciences
Józef Tischner Fellowship (October 2021 – February 2022)
Project: The Political Applications of Phenomenology

Pavel Horák
Czech Academy of Sciences
Jan Patočka Fellowship (October – December 2021)
Project: How to Magically Edify a Nation? Occultism and Nationalism in Central Europe, 1890-1939

Dora Kaprálová
Freelance Journalist and Writer
Jan Patočka Fellowship (October – November 2021)
Project: Milena Jesenská, Vienna, and Fake News Through the Spanish Flu and Covid-19 Pandemics

Dimiter Kenarov
Freelance Journalist and Writer
Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists (October – December 2021)
Project: Georgi Markov: A Biography

Alexey Lidov
Moscow State University
Eurasia in Global Dialogue (October 2021)
Project: Byzantine Heritage and Contemporary Politics

Paweł Pieniążek
Freelance Reporter, Writer and Photographer
Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists (October – December 2021)
Project: War Comes Home

Igor Pomerantsev
Literary Writer
Eurasia in Global Dialogue (October 2021)
Project: The City of Czernowitz as a Cultural and Language Palimpsest 

Robert Skidelsky
Warwick University
Guest of the Institute (October 2021)
Invited by the IWM Rector as a Guest of the Institute in October 2021

Volodymyr Yermolenko
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Ukraine in European Dialogue (October – November 2021)
Project: Ukraine and the Borders of Europe