New Visiting Fellows Starting in February


In February, seven visiting fellows will start their fellowship. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. 

Robert Kostro
European Network Remembrance and Solidarity
Guest of the Institute (February 2022)
Project: On Narratives of Polish History

Oskar Mulej
University of Vienna
Guest of the Institute (February – May 2022)
Project: Ideological Fluidity of Collective National Rights: The Case of Josip Wilfan

Serhii Plokhii
Harvard University
Ukraine in European Dialogue Sheptyts'kyi Fellowship (February – June 2022)
Project: The Fall of the Iron Curtain: International History of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Ricardo Pagliuso Regatieri
Federal University of Bahia
Guest of the Institute (February – April 2022)
Project: Authoritarianism, Democracy and Political Crises in the Periphery of the Modern Capitalist World-System: the Brazilian Case

Ranabir Samaddar
Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group 
Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration (February 2022)
Project: Digitized Migrants

Dariusz Stola
Polish Academy of Sciences
Guest of the Institute (February -April 2022)
Project: The Anti-Zionist Campaign in Poland, 1967-1968, as a Populist Project

Piotr Wciślik
Polish Academy of Sciences
CEU Visiting Fellowship (February – June 2022)
Project: Cold War Histories of Free Flow of Information and How It Informed our Futures