New Visiting Fellows Starting in April


In April, nine visiting fellows will start their fellowship at the IWM. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. 

Merav Amir
Queen's University Belfast
Emma Goldman Fellowship (April 2022)
Project: Futureless Geographies: The Making of Political Intractability in Palestine/Israel

Mario Apostolov
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Guest of the Institute (April – May 2022)
Project: Study on the Typology and Principles of Regional Integration

Uilleam Blacker
University College London
Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators (April – June 2022)
Project: Tamara Hundorova: "The Emerging Word: The Discourse of Early Ukrainian Modernism" (UKR > ENG)

Rossella Ciccia
University of Oxford
Emma Goldman Fellowship (April 2022)
Project: Transforming Care: The Politics of Intersectionality and Coalition

Shatabdi Das
Calcutta Research Group
Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration (April 2022)
Project: Urbanization and Climate Crisis: A Study on Kolkata

Kieran Hegarty
RMIT University
Digital Humanism Fellowship (April – June 2022)
Project: Deepening Digital Data: Centering Human Voices in Digital Archives

Frances Pinter
University of London
Guest of the Institute (April – May 2022)
Project: Eradicating the Written Word: Power and Symbolism through the Lens of Book Burnings

Harshana Rambukwella
The Open University of Sri Lanka
Guest of the Institute (April – June 2022)
Project: "Imagining Democracy": Towards a Cultural Reading of Democracy in Postcolonial Sri Lanka