New Fellows Starting in May

We are excited to present the upcoming fellows who will begin their fellowship in May. Explore their fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. For interview requests and media-related inquiries, please get in touch with

Angelika Adensamer
Vienna Centre for Societal Security (VICESSE)
Algorithmic Evidence and the Right to an Effective Remedy
May – June 2024
Digital Humanism Fellowship

Subhoranjan Dasgupta
Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK)
Theory and Practice of Hindutva
May – June 2024
Guests of the Institute

Eva Maria Fjellheim
Researcher, journalist and activist
Exploring Relational Accountability in Research Methodologies in a Nordic-Saami (Green) Colonial Context
May 2024
Emma Goldman Fellowship

Marcin Gaczkowski
Lecturer, editor, independent researcher
Hryhoriy Skovoroda: Kharkiv Tales: Treaties and Dialogues. Parables
May – June 2024
Ukraine in European Dialogue Fellowship Program

Alexander Iskandaryan
Caucasus Institute, Yerevan
The Genesis of Ethnic Cleansing: Homogenization as a Method of Nation-building
May 2024
The World in Pieces