New Fellows Starting in May


We are happy to introduce our fellows who will begin their fellowships in May. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. For interview requests and other media-related inquiries, please contact

Ljubiša Bojić
University of Belgrade
May – June 2023
Power of Tech Companies and Artificial Intelligence in Directing the Public: Recommender Algorithms as Public Good and Virtual Identity as Human Right
Guests of the Institute

Galip Dalay
Chatham House
May 2023
Turkey’s Post-Election International Future 
The World in Pieces

Taras Fedirko
University of Glasgow
May – July 2023
Between Oligarchy and War: Ukrainian Civic Elites After 2014
Ukraine in European Dialogue Fellowship Program

Adéla Gjuričová
Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
May – June 2023
The Crisis of Political History–The Crisis of Politics
Jan Patočka Fellowship

Anna Kaluher
National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (MARI)
May – July 2023
Collection of Articles "Art Criticism and Cultural Journalism in Ukraine in the Twenty First Century"
Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists

Sergei Medvedev
Charles University, Prague and Free University, Riga
May 2023
A War Made in Russia: Domestic Sources of Russia’s War in Ukraine
The World in Pieces

Chantal Mouffe
University of Westminster
May 2023
Which Future for Democracy in a Post-political Age
Albert Hirschman Fellowship

Gergely Tóth
May – July 2023
The Politics of Trolling
Milena Jesenská Fellowship for Journalists

Kate Tsurkan
Independent Author and Translator
May 2023
Kateryna Sergatskova: Прощай, "Исламское Государство": остается только будущее. Истории террористов Восточной Европы [Goodbye, ISIS: Only the Future Remains. Stories from of Eastern European Terrorists] (RUS > ENG)
Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators