New Fellows Starting in March

, 28.02.2024

We are happy to welcome three new fellows to the Institute. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. For interview requests and other media-related inquiries, please contact

Nathan Marcus
Ben Gurion University
The Vienna Black Market, 1943–1948
March – May 2024
Guests of the Institute

Milana Sribniak
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Repatriation of Ukrainian Prisoners of War from Austria (1918–1920)
March – June 2024
Ukraine in European Dialogue Junior Fellowship

Bartosz Wójcik
Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences
The Path of Despair: The Contemporary Relevance of Hegel's 'Phenomenology of Spirit'
March – May 2024
Józef Tischner Fellowship