New Fellows Starting in February


We are happy to introduce our fellows who will begin their fellowships in February. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. 

Marina Germane
University of Vienna
February – April 2023
‘A Melancholy Enterprise’? Revisiting German and Jewish Minority Cooperation in Interwar Europe
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Daryna Korkach
Independent Scholar and Со-editor of the Journal "The Pages of History"
February – May 2023
Cultural (De-)Colonization Through Satire: Gendered Humor in Ukraine Between 1990 and 2000
Ukraine in European Dialogue Junior Fellowship

Peggy Levitt
Wellesley College and the Global (De)Centre
February – April 2023
Move Over, Mona Lisa. Move Over, Jane Eyre: Making Room for Everyone in the World's Museums, Libraries, and Universities
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