Debating Europe This Sunday: Biden or Trump? The US Elections and Their Impact on Europe

Event announcement

The next edition of the Debating Europe series at the Burgtheater Vienna, a collaboration between the BurgtheaterERSTE Foundationthe Institute for Human Sciences (IWM Vienna), and DER STANDARD, will cast a glance across the Atlantic and focus on the upcoming presidential elections.

This fall, Americans will elect a new president or, rather, vote for an old president for the second time. While incumbent Joe Biden boasts an impressive economic record, he has been less confident handling the unsettling events overseas, notably the Russo-Ukrainian war as well as the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Former president, Donald Trump, still dominates the Republican Party in Congress but continues to make headlines as he battles several civil and criminal court cases. Amidst this “battle of the gerontocrats”, Europe looks on nervously, bracing itself for the outcome which is bound to considerably impact European debates on future defence, trade, and climate policies.

At April’s Debating Europe event, experts Kim Darroch (former British Ambassador to the US), Marlène Laruelle (historian, Research Professor of International Affairs and Political Science at The George Washington University), Mark Medish (policy expert, former special assistant to the President in the Clinton administration), and Eva Nowotny (former Austrian Ambassador to France, the UK, and the US) will discuss the prospects of the fall elections and their impact on the current geopolitical situation, with a particular focus on Europe, Ukraine, and the Middle East. The discussion will be led by IWM Rector Misha Glenny.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Burgtheater website.

Recordings of previous debates are available on our YouTube channel: