Art Installation by Digital Humanism Junior Visiting Fellow Marika Grasso

Photo of the work in progress reflection work in the library room with touchscreens, reflective paper, and mirror.

Between 26 and 28 June, parts of the IWM library were turned into a venue for an art installation curated by IWM Visiting Fellow Marika Grasso. The installation is a response to the Junior Visiting Fellows Conference 2023 and the discourses and encounters at the IWM as part of her fellowship.

The installation consists of un-layering and touching a decomposed touchscreen and a complete one. The hand movements and gestures are then recorded by a mini motion-sensitive camera facing the mirror.

Grasso explains:

"Engaging physically with the touchscreen is a daily ritual enabling communication, visual documentation, personal expression, and time management. The interaction becomes a seamless and repetitive daily activity, yet the shared experience and experiment around the table in the IWM library inspired a sense of meditation on sensing. The use of mirrors and recording cameras aims to highlight and provoke a sense of awareness towards our agency of touch. The little library room invites for a moment of intimacy, care, and attentiveness towards technological materiality that enables us to proceed with our fast-paced lives."

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