Apply Now: The Most Documented War Symposium

We continue the symposium "The Most Documented War" launched in 2023 to gather initiatives that collect and archive materials about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

This year's focus is on the ethics and practices of international collaborations as one of the key dimensions of the functioning of war documentation and the long-term effects. We propose to reflect together on several topics: how such international collaborations emerged and developed; who joined the war documentation; what are the long-term goals of the collaborations; what facilitates and complicates the cooperation; how knowledge about the Russian aggression in Ukraine is produced and what policies emerge/may emerge from this knowledge in the international dimension.

The program of the symposium will include various work formats: panel discussions, Q&A sessions, networking, workshops, and informal exchange of experience.

We invite you to apply for participation until 25 March.

The organizers will confirm your participation by 5 April. The number of participants is limited.

Further information is available here


  • Center for Urban History, Lviv
  • Documenting Ukraine / The Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna


  • St Gallen University

Photo: George Ivanchenko // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History