Visiting Fellows / previous semester

Name Fellowship period Link to Content Program Last Fellowship
Eric Reinhart - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute Acts of Writing: Racial Overdetermination, Psychiatric Rationality, Aesthetic Suspension
Teresa Reiter - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Missing Pages of European History: The EU’s Historic Role in Why Western Balkans Enlargement is Stuck
Marci Shore - /program/united-europe-divided-history United Europe – Divided History Eyeglasses Floating in Space: Central European encounters that came about while searching for truth
Pedro Perfeito Da Silva - /program/ceu-visiting-fellowship CEU Visiting Fellowship Post-Neoliberalism and Financial Liberalization: Comparing Inclusionary and Exclusionary Populism
Volodymyr Sklokin - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue-solidarity-fellowship Ukraine in European Dialogue Solidarity Fellowship Enlightened Absolutism from Below: Local Bureaucracy, Politics of Reform and Imperial Unification in the Late Eighteenth-Century Russian Empire
Alison Smale - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Who is Telling Us What? Why? And How? The Media in Central and Eastern Europe in 2020
Jason Stanley - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute The Politics of Language
Justyna Tabaszewska - /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Józef Tischner Fellowship Polish Politics of Memory and the Notion of the Future in Memory Research
Jul Tirler - /program/oeaw-fellowship OEAW Fellowship Do not Ask Who We Are but how We Act – Conceptualising Collectivity with Les Groupes Medvedkine, Scuola senza Fine and Precarias a la Deriva
Susann Urban - /program/world-literature-fellowship-for-translators World Literature Fellowship for Translators Nadifa Mohamed: The Fortune Men (ENG > DEU)
Jan Vana - /program/jan-patocka-fellowship Jan Patočka Fellowship Analysis of Construction of Dis/Continuity Between the Pre- and Post-1989 Regimes in Czechoslovakia Through Czech Literature
Gabriela Vicanova - /program/jan-patocka-fellowship Jan Patočka Fellowship “Dispute about Hope” in Selected Writings of Post-Kantian and Existentialist Philosophers