Visiting Fellows / previous semester

Name Fellowship period Link to Content Program Last Fellowship
Oleksandr Herasym - /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators Józef Tischner: Denken gemäß Werten [Myślenie według wartości] (Polish to Ukrainian)
Mariia Hupalo - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue-junior-fellowship Ukraine in European Dialogue Junior Fellowship The Theological and Philosophical Concept of Movement in the Teaching of St. Maximus the Confessor.
Valentina Izmirlieva - /program/eurasia-in-global-dialogue Eurasia in Global Dialogue The Russian Constantinople Moment in the 1920s
Kapka Kassabova - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action People of the Mountain: Stories from a Balkan Ecosystem
Michael Kegler - /program/world-literature-fellowship-for-translators World Literature Fellowship for Translators Luiz Ruffato: O verão tardio (Portuguese > German)
Lenka Kerdova - /program/jan-patocka-fellowship Jan Patočka Fellowship Interwar Architecture of Prague-based German-speaking Architects
Noémi Kiss - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute Women in Rural Kazakhstan: Reports on Everyday Life in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Karolina Koziura - /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Józef Tischner Fellowship The Making of Holodomor in the Shadow of the Cold War: The Production and Politicization of Knowledge about the Great Ukrainian Famine
Mykhailo Martynenko - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue-junior-fellowship Ukraine in European Dialogue Junior Fellowship Soviet Politics of Memory about the Holocaust in Lviv (1944-1967)
Sergii Masol - /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue Ukraine in European Dialogue The European Union, Ukrainian and Russian Approaches to International Criminal Law: A Comparative International Law Perspective
Filip Milačić - /program/europes-futures-ideas-for-action Europe’s Futures - Ideas for Action Stateness and Democratic Consolidation: Lessons From Former Yugoslavia
Pina Napolitano - /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators Marina Cvetaeva: Notebooks 1922-1939 (Russian to Italian)
Jakub Nikodem - /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Józef Tischner Fellowship Moral Values and Civil Society: Philosophical and Political Views of Krzysztof Michalski and Marek Siemek
Martin Nonhoff - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute Postcolonial Critique of Democratic Theory
Helga Nowotny - /program/yehuda-elkana-fellowship Yehuda Elkana Fellowship In AI We Trust: Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms
Ezgican Özdemir - /program/ceu-visiting-fellowship CEU Visiting Fellowship Fluid Patronage: Turkish Hydro-Politics and Infrastructural Domination in North Cyprus
Dennis Patterson photo Dennis Patterson - /program/guests-of-the-institute Guests of the Institute Populism, Elites and Expertise
Michał Pospiszyl - /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Józef Tischner Fellowship Crisis of Europe and the Decomposition of corpus mysticum in Late Medieval Europe
Till van Rahden - /program/democracy-fellowship
Democracy Fellowship<br/>Guests of the Institute Forms, Style and Manners: Democracy as a Way of Life