Dmytro Zaiets




The phenomenon of the mourning landscape in cities is poorly studied and insufficiently described in Ukrainian sociology. After the war, many urban places or buildings will retain the memory of these terrible events. The purpose of this project is to describe how people will memorize or, vice versa, forget them, erase the memory of military losses in Kharkiv.

The mourning landscape is considered functionally — as a result of a certain intervention in the city landscape by the means of commemoration, i.e. transformation of the existing landscape into a memorial. Therefore, we are interested in the degree of anthropogenic alteration of the landscape, which allows us to consider it mourning and vice versa.

This project explores questions such as: What places will be the subjects of commemoration (mourning intervention) in post-war Kharkiv? What features of the mourning arrangement will make it possible to distinguish the process of commemoration from other processes (for example, reconstruction) of changing / renovating the urban landscape? What will be the means of mourning intervention in the urban landscape?