Ukrainian Storybox: Voices of War

this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival
Visual and Performing Arts

A travelling video lightbox reveals the heart of the war in Ukraine. With the Storybox, we hear the unfiltered voices of Ukrainians, especially women, who waver between the war front and everyday struggles between flight and home.  Through an epic journey of over 12,000 km, from war-torn cities to safe European havens, this film is marked by unexpected interruptions due to bomb alarms and real danger. It delves deep into the emotional depths of war and offers an unforgettable panorama from the perspective of those who experience it most intensely.

You can find the trailer here.

Gunnar Dedio is the producer of Ukrainian Storybox and managing director of LOOKSFILM. After the screening, he will answer the ensuing Q&A, moderated by Olga Birzul, curator and cultural manager. 


This film is presented within “The Context of Truth,” a special program curated by Olga Birzul in collaboration between Documenting Ukraine program at the IWM and this human world — International Human Rights Film Festival. Four selected documentaries give the context of Ukrainian reality as well as highlight the virtues of care, solidarity, empathy, and resilience that help to counteract Russian agony.