Ukraine's Place in a Fragmented World Order – Day 1

A two-day workshop organized by PeaceRep-Ukraine
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This two-day workshop provided the first opportunity for PeaceRep’s Ukraine program and associated contacts and networks to meet in person since the project's launch on 1st October 2022. The invite-only gathering was an opportunity to: 

•    Review and gain feedback on research undertaken in the network 
•    Critically reflect on the conceptual underpinning of the network 
•    Identify gaps and lines of enquiry requiring attention from the network 
•    Discuss ideas and paper proposals for the special issue journal project 

PeaceRep’s Ukraine program, while centered on Ukraine, studies the regional and global implications of the Russian war and its challenges to peace, justice, and security. 

Reflecting this orientation, the workshop considered the broader effects of the fragmentation of world order on conflict dynamics in the wider region. 


09.15 – 10.15  Ukraine’s Place in the Fragmentation of World Order

Chair: Masha Shynkarenko (IWM)

The ‘new wars’ analysis after the conjuncture of 2022  

-    Mary Kaldor (LSE)

‘Intellectual sovereignty’ and the fragmentation of world order 
-    Luke Cooper (LSE) 

10.15 – 11.15  Mapping Ukraine’s Democratic Space: Initial Findings

Chair: Mary Kaldor (LSE) 

•    Myroslava Savisko (KSE) 
•    Tymofii Brik (KSE – via video link)  

11.30 – 12.45 Investigating Post-2014 Ukraine and Its On-Going Transformations 

Chair: Karolina Czerska-Shaw (JU)

Feminist Solidarities in the Context of Russia’s War in Ukraine: Discursive, Material and Political Implications for the Future of Sustainable Peace

-    Oksana Potapova (LSE) 

De-occupation and Decolonization: What Is Next for Crimea?

-    Masha Shynkarenko (IWM)

What We Can (Not) Ask? In-Depth Interviewing in a Country at War

-    Aliona Lyasheva (LSE) 

13.45 – 15.15 Transboundary Fragmentations of Geopolitics and Security  

Chair: Agata Mazurkiewicz (JU) 

From Unity to Fragmentation? Assessing NATO’s Frontline States Cohesion in the Aftermath of the War in Ukraine

-    Wojciech Michnik (JU)

"Continuum of Crisis": Russia's War on Ukraine and the Belarusian Democratic Movement

-    Aliaksandr Bystryk (CEU) and Volha Biziukova (CEU)

The Russia-Ukraine War and the Balkans: Exploitation of Tensions, Media Coverage, and Impact on the Energy Sector

-    Leon Hartwell (LSE)  

15.30 – 16.15 Shared reflections from day 1