Junior Visiting Fellows' Conference Winter 2022

Conferences and Workshops

The Junior Visiting Fellows' Conference is a bi-annual event at the Institute for Human Sciences that gives the Junior Fellows the opportunity to present their work and research in a day-long conference. A traditional semester-closing celebration of the talented young researchers that is as old as the Institute itself, it is always organized by the Junior Fellows themselves and usually includes Senior Fellows, Staff members and Alumni among others as commentators and discussants.

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9:00-9:30: Opening remarks by Ayşe Çağlar

Session 1: Encounters with History

Moderator: Lisa Meinecke

09:30 - 10:00
Orel Beilinson - Youth Power in European Literature and Politics, 1813-1914
Commentator: Milla Mineva

10:00 - 10:30
Kamil Ruszała - Social Transformaton of (Post)Habsburg Galicia
Commentator: Katherine Younger

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break

Session 2: Encounters with Ukraine

Moderator: Kamil Ruszała

Sergii Masol - Westsplaining the Russo-Ukrainian War and International Law: A Critique
Commentator: Olga Shparaga

Olena Yermakova - Ukrainian Migrants in Poland: Discourse, Perceptions and Implications for Self-Identification
Commentator: Katherine Younger

12:00-12:15: Coffee Break

Session 3: Encounters with Philosophy

Moderator: Alžběta Ambrožová

Václav Dostál - What Does It Mean to Objectify in Thinking?
Commentator: Rafal Zawisza

James Cartlidge - Becoming Dasein: Jan Patočka and the Gaps in Heideggerian Phenomenology
Commentator: Ludger Hagedorn

13:15-14:15 Lunch

Session 4: Encounters with Digital Humanism & the Periphery

Moderator: Orel Beilinson

PingJing Yang - Reliable Information Extraction in Unstructured Text Data
Commentator: Julia Neidhardt

Julia Perczel - Reconceptualizing the Concept of the Semi-Periphery in Post-'89 Global Cultural Production
Commentator: Ayşe Çağlar

Lisa Meinecke - I, Robot; You, Unemployed: Science Fiction and Robotics Media Discourse
Commentator: Carlos Fraenkel

15:45-16:00 Coffee break

Session 5: Encounters with Literature & Psychoanalysis

Moderator: Mieke Verloo

Alžběta Ambrožová - Ideas in Blossom: The "Insane" Vision in Unica Zürn's Der Mann im Jasmin
Commentator: Martina Stemberger

Agnieszka Sobolewska - Narrative Assemblages: Early Psychoanalytic Literature Between Psycho-Medical Portraiture, Life Writing, and Fiction
Commentator: Daniela Finzi

17:00 Final remarks 

17:30 Drinks