Junior Visiting Fellows' Conference Winter 2020

Conferences and Workshops

Morning Session

Moderator: Iryna Sklokina

Monstrous Europe. Opicinus de Canistris and the Collective Body of Late Medieval Christianity
Michał Pospiszyl
Adjunct of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences
Discussant: Tomasz Rakowski (University of Warsaw)

Borderlands and the Central Europe of the 21st century
Magdalena Brodacka
PhD candidate in Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University Krakow
Discussant: Marci Shore (Yale University)

Post-Neoliberalism and External Financial Liberalization: Comparing Inclusionary and Exclusionary Populism
Pedro Perfeito Da Silva
PhD candidate in Political Science, CEU Budapest
Discussant: Bela Greskovits (Central European University)

Afternoon Session

Moderator: Michał Pospiszyl

Prague Interwar Architecture from German speaking Architects
Lenka Kerdová
Academic researcher, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Department of Theory and History of Art
Discussant: Matthias Boeckl (University of Applied Art, Vienna)

Holy Places and Leisure Spaces: World War II Memorial Sites as Tourist Destination in the USSR
Iryna Sklokina
Researcher, Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
Discussant: Tatiana Zhurzhenko (University of Vienna)

Aesthetic Anthropology and Aesthetic Politics
Eric Reinhart
MD-PhD candidate at Deptartment of Anthropology, Harvard University and School of Medicine, University of Chicago
Discussant: Azeen Khan (Darthmouth College)

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