Iron Butterflies

This Human World - International Human Rights Film Festival
Visual and Performing Arts

On 17 July 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Russian forces over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people. The truth of this attack has been questioned by Russian officials and media, even as evidence such as butterfly-shaped splinters appear in the bodies of the pilots. These denials became more daring as time went on. This tragedy explored in depth in Iron Butterflies, took lives and changed our future. The film delves into the lies and violence surrounding the incident and highlights its significance in recent history.

Roman Liubyi is a Ukrainian film director, member of the film collective Babylon'13: the cinema of civil society since 2013. After the screening, he will discuss his documentary work with Kseniya Kharchenko, IWM Documenting Ukraine program manager. 


This film was presented within “The Context of Truth,” a special program curated by Olga Birzul in collaboration between the Documenting Ukraine program at the IWM and this human world— International Human Rights Film Festival. Four selected documentaries give the context of Ukrainian reality and highlight the virtues of care, solidarity, empathy, and resilience that help to counteract Russian agony.