Democracy and Its Enemies

Peter Engelmann in conversation with Chantal Mouffe
Panels and Discussions

Democracy is undoubtedly the most successful form of government in our times. Unlike in the early 20th century democracy today is neither endangered by dictators or by military coup d’état. We are witnessing instead a growing erosion of democracy and its legitimacy from the inside. The title the IWM publication expresses this new threat succinctly Wenn Demokratien demokratisch untergehen (When Democracies are dismantled democratically). The volume marks the resumption of a series of IWM publications in cooperation with Passagen Verlag, Vienna.

Peter Engelmann, philosopher, publisher and founder of Passagen-Verlag will discuss our democratic futures with political theorist and IWM Visiting Fellow Chantal Mouffe, who has recently advocated a leftist populism.

Introduction by IWM Rector Shalini Randeria and IWM Permanent Fellow Ludger Hagedorn.

In Kooperation mit Passagen Verlag.