Changing Politics and Geopolitics

What does it mean for Europe?
Panels and Discussions

President Trump has now survived his first test as US President and, barring serious findings from the Mueller Inquiry, he will run for a second term with reasonable prospects of winning.  Like him or not, he is set to be the most consequential president for fifty years.  An assessment of the implications of a return to the sort of great power politics that the United States is now pursuing, away from the rules based international order that Europe (and previous US Presidents) have nurtured since WWII. A look at how China and Russia are responding, and the implications for the Middle East.

What does it mean for Europe, with our own politics roiled by populist pressures? How can Europe find its own way in the new geopolitical environment, while managing the divisive issues of migration, inequality and nationalism?  A look also at Britain’s role, in the aftermath of Brexit that – even if it is well managed – will have consequences for not just Britain but for Europe more widely.

Robert John Sawers is Chairman and Partner of Macro Advisory Partners. He joined the firm in 2015 after completing his five-year tenure as Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). As Chief of MI6 he modernized the way the Service works and created a more open approach to public accountability, as well as leading the organisation through a period of high terrorist threat and international political upheaval. Prior to leading MI6, Sawers was the UK’s Ambassador to the United Nations (2007-2009), Political Director of the Foreign Office (2003-2007), Special Representative in Iraq (2003), Ambassador to Cairo (2001-2003), and Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair (1999-2001). He is a Non-Executive Director of BP, a Visiting Professor at King’s College London, a Senior Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute, and a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation.

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