Vesna Velkovrh Bukilica

Born in Ljubljana and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, until the age of seventeen, Vesna Velkovrh Bukilica grew up trilingual, which sparked a very early interest in translation. Perennially torn between the call of art history (which she studied), journalism (with more than 400 articles and two editorships under her belt), and literary translation, it was the latter that eventually won. She says she was lucky enough to start “big” with Julio Cortazar’s Rayuela in 1995, and she has so far translated more than fifty books (mostly fiction) from five languages. Among them are some of the greatest names of twentieth century literature (Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel García Marquez, Juan Rulfo, Octovio Paz, Arundhati Roy, and many others) as well as “future classics” (such as Sally Rooney). Her non-fiction translations include, among others, René Girard, Mircea Eliade, Susan Sontag, and Thomas Piketty.



I am translating Thomas Piketty’s Le Capital au XXIe Siècle (2013), which has already established itself as one of the most influential texts on political economy of the last fifty years. It offers a comprehensive account of the development of monetary inequality in human society, complete with detailed statistic data and a theoretical proposal for a specific future fiscal policy aimed towards the prevention of extreme inequalities in the 21st century.