Projects Funded

The projects listed below have been supported by Documenting Ukraine. This is not a complete list; other grantees have opted not to publish information about their projects, and new projects are being added to the site on an ongoing basis.
Project Grantee
Kharkiv: Under the Bombs. Poltava: Immigrants (Харків: Під бомбами. Полтава: Переселенці) Andrii Krasniashchykh
Kherson in the Russian-Ukrainian War, 2022 Sergiy Vodotyka
Language and War in Ukraine: The Vocabulary of Everyday Life in 2022 Halyna Matsyuk
Letters from the Front Line Andriy Kotlyarchuk
Life During Wartime: An Audiovisual Experience Yevhen Vorozheikin
Mariupol. Diary of a Survivor (Маріуполь. Щоденник того, хто вижив) Oksana Stomina
Marked Words: An Eccentric Dictionary of War Oksana Maksymchuk
Masks as Art Therapy for Heroes who Lost an Eye as a Result of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Bob Basset
Methodology of Documenting War Stories for the Virtual Museum of Russian Aggression Olha Volianiuk
Monitoring the Dynamics of Communication Networks of Mutual Aid and Cooperation between Religious Communities during the War in Ukraine
Museum at War: Preservation of History and Its Artefacts by Human Hands during War
Museum of Ukrainian Female Migration Iuliia Lashchuk