Projects Funded

The projects listed below have been supported by Documenting Ukraine. This is not a complete list; other grantees have opted not to publish information about their projects, and new projects are being added to the site on an ongoing basis.
Project Grantee
Caring for the Future: Lviv as a Rehabilitation Center Valentyna Shevchenko
Childbirth Experiences of Ukrainian Women During the Russo-Ukrainian War Mariia Shvab
Chornobyl At War Valeriy Korshunov
Chronicles of the Revival (Хроніки відродження) Olha Mykhailiuk
Cultural Heritage Objects of the South of Ukraine during Russia’s War against Ukraine: Documentation, Significance, Future Yuliia Manukian
Daily Lives of the Displaced Igor Chekachkov
Deoccupations (Деокупації) Bohdan Logvynenko
Diagnosis. The War Anna Prokhorova
Diaries of War: Documenting Life Experiences in Spring 2022 Bohdan Shumylovych
Diary of 55: Occupation in Nova Kakhovka Maxim Kilderov
Dictionary of War (Словник війни) Ostap Slyvynsky
Digital Forensic Investigation of E-Petition Voting Falsifications Pavlo Merzlykin