Projects Funded

The projects listed below have been supported by Documenting Ukraine. This is not a complete list; other grantees have opted not to publish information about their projects, and new projects are being added to the site on an ongoing basis.
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Project Grantee
24.02: Life After Andrii Usach
Awaiting the Apocalypse
Bureau Nikoletta Yurets
Caring for the Future: Lviv as a Rehabilitation Center Valentyna Shevchenko
Deoccupations (Деокупації) Bohdan Logvynenko
Diaries of War: Documenting Life Experiences in Spring 2022 Bohdan Shumylovych
Double Exposure (Подвійна експозиція) Inga Levi
Mariupol. Diary of a Survivor (Маріуполь. Щоденник того, хто вижив) Oksana Stomina
Masks as Art Therapy for Heroes who Lost an Eye as a Result of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Bob Basset
Patched Souls: A Photographic Project on Plastic Surgery for Military and Civilians Danylo Pavlov
Photobook "Ukraine Forever" Andrii Boiko
Radiation of War