Andrii Usach


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24.02: Life After

Hundreds of thousands of people from those Ukrainian regions attacked by the Russian army have fled to Lviv, a city behind far away from the front lines of the war. Humanitarian and military aid from the West passes through the city. Numerous volunteer initiatives operate here. Despite the fact that military facilities around Lviv have been hit by missiles, the Western media call it a "quiet city." Is that really so? Are the signs of today's war visible in the urban space? What are the stories of those who found themselves here as a result of hostilities? We've started the project "24.02: Life after" to document the experiences of people whose lives have changed since the beginning of the total war. For them, Lviv has become a temporary refuge. We invite them to share their experiences since the outbreak of war, as well as their future plans. We also look forward to another meeting with everyone after the victory––to find out how their war stories ended and whether they proceeded as planned. Some moments from the stories are published in local media. 

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