Facing the Past, Building the Future - Culture and Cooperation in the Western Balkans with Vladimir Arsenijević


In this episode of the Vienna Coffee House Conversations, host Ivan Vejvoda welcomes IWM and ERSTE Foundation's Europe's Futures Fellow Vladimir Arsenijević for an insightful dialogue on the cultural and political landscape of post-Yugoslav Europe. The conversation delves into Arsenijević’s multifaceted role as a writer, cultural worker, and engaged intellectual. It covers the challenges of nationalism, the importance of regional cooperation, Serbia's complex relationship with Russia and the European Union, and the evolving cultural scene in Serbia. Arsenijević’s perspective on Serbia's path forward, his humanitarian work in Ukraine, and the role of culture in shaping societal narratives provide a deep understanding of the region's current state and future directions.

IWM Europe's Futures fellow Vladimir Arsenijević is a renowned Serbian author and cultural activist. Since 1994, he has published various works, including novels, stories, and essays, which have been translated into more than 20 languages. He is a recipient of prestigious awards such as the Nin Prize and the National Library of Serbia Award. Arsenijević is also the president and creative director of the association Krokodil, focusing on cultural exchange and humanitarian efforts. His engagement in initiatives like the Krokodil literary festival and cross-border cultural collaborations highlights his commitment to fostering understanding and empathy in the Balkans and beyond.