Europe’s Futures Fellow 2023/24


Photo description
© Zsolt Marton
Association KROKODIL
Down Njegoš’s Street

Njegoševa street, a central and also very lively artery of the whole neighborhood in Belgrade, scattered with cafes, shops and public buildings, has been saturated with various graffiti, stencils and wall paintings. All of them clearly belong to the same branch of right-wing, nationalistic, militaristic and warmongering paraphernalia. By analyzing all the writings on the wall spanning the length of Njegoševa street, Vladimir Arsenijević will attempt to prove that, disregarding the subjective question of whose hand holds the spray can, it is the Serbian State which is the main objective violator – and Serbian society the sole victim – of this long-drawn-out criminal activity that ever since the end of the last wars of the 1990s has been holding the whole population in its vice-like grip.

Vladimir Arsenijević is a prolific writer and cultural worker. Since 1994, he has published 12 works, mainly novels but also collections of stories, essays, and graphic novels. He has also written for film and theatre as well as for various daily newspapers, magazines, and internet portals. His works have been translated into more than 20 languages. He has been awarded the NiN Prize (1994), the Sterija Prize (1996), and the National Library of Serbia Award for the most-read book (2011). He is the president and creative director of the Association KROKODIL.