Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Peace for Nina

The film Peace for Nina is a survivor’s tale following a Ukrainian woman whose life has been beset by war and the loss of her closest loved ones. Nina's son, Ihor Branovytsky, a soldier of the Ukrainian Army, was captured and summarily executed by Russian mercenaries while defending Donetsk airport in 2015. As a way of coping with her son’s death, Nina collects evidence of his extrajudicial execution in captivity. She wants to ensure that what happened to her son is recognized as a war crime. She finds solace in building friendships with other mothers who have lost sons and daughters to the war. Only they can fully understand her pain. Will Nina ever truly find peace within herself and with the world around her? Especially when her worst fears have come true and the war has now affected all Ukrainians?

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