Volodymyr Kuznetsov


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Volunteers’ Kitchen

This project envisions two filmed interview projects. First, I am making a film about people's volunteer initiatives, based on interviews with the participants of these initiatives. In every settlement, large and small, there are people who are engaged in volunteer work from morning to night: harvesting food, weaving nets, repairing and transporting cars. From small to large things, people work tirelessly to help the front, to help refugees, and to help each other. 
For the film itself, I will work with people in the Kyiv region, in particular the city of Rzhyshchiv, and several villages in the Kagarlytsky district. Here there are certain volunteer centers to which supplies are brought from the surrounding villages and towns. People collect vegetables and fruits, dry them, and make dry rations. Together with the sociologist Perrine Poupin, we plan to stay and work with these volunteers; while spending time with them we will also interview them. 
The second film is about Oleksandr Suprunyuk, a 51-year-old owner of a construction company, longtime civil society activist, and the mayor of the city of Netishyn in Khmelnytsky region, whose activities I have been following since Maidan, in 2014. Two interviews have already been conducted. In late March 2014, the first interview covered his experiences on the Maidan; the second interview, in 2017, covered his election as mayor and the challenges of post-Maidan Ukraine. Now I plan to film a third interview, after the full-scale invasion of Russia. 

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