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Documenting Ukraine Grants

Ecological Monitoring and Collecting Evidence of War Crimes against the Environment in the Azov (Zaporizhzhya) Region

It is necessary to establish constant ecological monitoring of water bodies of the Azov region, Melitopol and Berdyansk districts, where the problem of water supply becomes more and more acute. Our project consists of a team of specialists conducting environmental monitoring of water bodies of the territories and objects of the Nature Reserve Fund of the Azov region over the next four months, during which they will collect evidence and professionally record war crimes against the environment in the Azov region.
The following goals will be achieved: 
1. Developing the guidelines "Features of Environmental Monitoring of Coastal Areas for Evidence of war crimes against the environment" and "Results of monitoring changes in environmental quality of territories and objects of nature reserves through military action for 4 months".
2. At least four measurements with 30-50 indicators in Melitopol and Berdyansk district.
3. Conducting an online (zoom) roundtable with the staff of national parks and landscape reserves on the Balkan peninsula. 

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Research: The Influence of Military Action on the Migratory Routes of Birds in the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine

Within the project framework of the National Parks (partners), for at least 6 months, this project will ensure the permanent monitoring of rare species birds that are protected by both Ukrainian and international legislation. It will investigate the journeys of birds that have migratory routes across part of the continent, or its entirety. Using previous studies, we will develop maps of migration and estimate the numbers of such bird species. By developing current maps of migration (stopovers), and using data on their numbers before military action, we hope to be able to calculate current species populations. 

Based on the results of the collected data, recommendations will be developed regarding changes in the management of the National Parks, which must be taken into account during further state and non-state funding. Results will be presented to the contact list (created during previous projects) of interested European, global research and environmental organizations.


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