Tetyana Shevchuk


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Art Front: A Gallery of Antiwar Paintings by Artists of Southern Ukraine

The goal of the project is to assemble a collection of postwar paintings by artists of southern Ukraine related to the new realities of life and identities disrupted by the war. Works with anti-war reflection will create a permanent collection of the post-invasion gallery of Ukrainian painting in the exhibition halls of the Izmail City Organization of the NSHU, at the center of creativity named after Petro Chakir (Izmail, Odesa region). The project will be implemented in the city of Izmail, Odesa region, which has become one of the centers of modern migration processes. The result will be a collection consisting of directly purchased works for the permanent exhibition and digitized works that will be included in the electronic catalog. The target audience of the project is all sections of the population of southern Odesa (teenagers, students, citizens of working age, pensioners). The implementation of the project will allow for the creation of a long-term anti-war exposition with the aim of acquainting the population with the works of artists of southern Ukraine injured during the war, as well as the provision of anti-war informative work with the population by conducting appropriate exhibition activities.  Local media, television, and media partners of Odesa will cover the event. The platforms for the discussion will include social networks (Facebook), the website of the Izmail State University of Humanities, the official website of the NSHU.