Tetyana Ogarkova


Documenting Ukraine Grants

"Explaining Ukraine" and "Ukraine, face à la guerre" Podcasts

The project consists of two parts. The first part is the "Explaining Ukraine" podcast by Internews Ukraine about Ukraine and the war. Besides bringing testimonies and sharing impressions from the liberated territories, in this podcast we also provide weekly updates about major events in and around Ukraine, and record some deeper conversations about Ukrainian culture, society, history and identity. https://ukraineworld.org/podcasts
The second part of the project is a podcast in French, “Ukraine, face à la guerre”. The aim is to propose a renewed and in-depth dialogue on this war in French. Even if the military reality of the conflict has been very regularly covered by the international media, we want, from the inside of Ukraine, to give voice to the country and its inhabitants, and to show the way in which, collectively, we are facing this war. 

The podcast is available here: https://anchor.fm/ukraine-fr/ and https://li.sten.to/ukraine_fr