Roman Mykhalchuk


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Survive and Win: The Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022

The invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine in February 2022 created a new reality for millions of Ukrainians. The war became a new test for the entire population of large cities, towns and villages; it changed the lives of Ukrainians, who were forced to escape the war, fleeing from the East to the West of Ukraine. 

I am a Holocaust and Genocide researcher, and the subject of war and trauma is my professional research work. The project should document people´s testimonies about Russian aggression. These will be documented memories of the war through videos of evacuees and displaced persons who suffered from the Russian attack and found themselves in the territory of the Rivne region. Volunteers who work behind the scenes will also be interviewed, along with representatives of the authorities, local elites and all who do everything possible to contribute to an eventual Ukrainian victory. 

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