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Explosions Near the Museum

The film tour "Explosions Near the Museum," documented by Roman Khimei and Yarema Malashchuk, meticulously depicts the traces and shadows of artifacts stolen by Russians in the Kherson Museum of Local Lore during their occupation of the city. The crime scene and eyewitness accounts indicate that this was a well-planned looting of the museum collection, which completes the list of colonial crimes of the "Russian Federation."

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  • The Place of 'Russian Romanticism' and Ukrainian Art: A Conversation with Roman Khimey and Yarema Malashchuk
    Roman Khimey and Yarema Malashchuk are known for their experiments with the forms of video and cinema, which have become iconic in art and film. Their documentary film "Zarvanytsia" (2021) was featured in several film festivals. Khimey and Malashchuk are winners and laureates of awards, and their artistic works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and beyond. In June 2023, they participated in the exhibition "Documenting Ukraine: Bearing Witness to War" with a short film about the looted Kherson Museum (which recently received an award at the 4:3 Short Film Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk).