Olha Mykhailiuk


Documenting Ukraine Grants

Chronicles of the Revival (Хроніки відродження)

This project consists of a series of video interviews dealing with the stories of eight Irpin residents. They are different people, with different professions, who found themselves in different situations due to the occupation and its consequences, and who are now witnessing the gradual revival of their city. The interviews will also be translated into English. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine I have been in Kyiv, devoting a lot of time to volunteer activities; in particular, working at the humanitarian headquarters, where in March food, medicine and other necessary things goods were shipped to the towns near Kyiv—Bucha, Irpin, Vorzel, Hostomel. After Irpin was liberated, I was there several times, each time returning with new stories: A pensioner who survived thanks to his dog––the house burned down, but his seedlings survived and he planted them; a surgeon who, at his own risk, set up an operating room in a basement; a driver who evacuated children and elderly people under fire. There are still many more untold stories.